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More and more courts are requiring that litigants file their court documents electronically, which is why Envoy is ready to help you with your e-filing needs.  With Envoy’s Self-Service E-Filing, you handle the e-filing process start to finish yourself through our website.  After creating an account through SignUp, simply Login and upload your documents for filing.  Upon acceptance by the court, you will receive a stamped, conformed copy of your documents. Self-Service E-filing charge is $25 plus court fees.  

With Envoy's Concierge E-Filing Service, we will e-file your documents for you. Our base concierge E-Filing charge is $35.00 plus court fees. Other charges may apply depending upon your filing. 

All advanced court fees charged with 6.5% cost fee advance.

Concierge E-Filing: send/upload your documents and we'll ensure proper set up and formatting for filing, $35.

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