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Court Services

Apart from e-filing of court documents, attorneys sometimes need assistance with a variety of court-related services, including, for example, delivering courtesy copies to chambers, obtaining copies of court records that are either not available online, checking on the status of lodged/proposed orders, and various other needs.  With our experience and can-do spirit, Envoy can help you accomplish your mission in a timely, professional manner.   If you would like to use our Court Services, please place your order by signing up and/or logging in. After creating an account through SignUp, simply Login to the portal and place your order. Call with any questions.

$65 Base Charge for delivery of courtesy copies of documents to courtrooms located in downtown Los Angeles if all documents received prior to 5 p.m. on the day before delivery required.


All other court services charges:  Base Charge of $65/hour for travel, document retrieval, and other services.  Additional charges apply depending upon courthouse location, expedited service, volume of documents, and other factors/circumstances so please call us for pricing information applicable to your particular job. All advanced government fees charged with 6.5% cost advance fee.

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